Speed dating ireland

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Each person speaks to one other person at a time, in five-minute intervals.After five minutes, Phelan rings a bell and everyone swaps partners.This gives all participants ample opportunity to bale out or dive right in. Admission: €10 on Door/Free to Members There’s not many evenings will see you in a passionate clinch within moments of meeting but if hands on first encounters are for you then Salsa is the way to do it.These friendly classes held in the Turk’s Head are notoriously good for the craic, with affable, approachable instructors that will make you feel at ease.This was a problem Dereck Phelan faced when he moved to Dublin from Kilkenny for a job as an electrician two years ago.While there were plenty of options for dating around the city, finding a way to meet new people outside of a romantic context proved difficult.They all sound like the ingredients that might ignite a spark, right?There’s two rounds of discussion, on topical subjects with food at the intermission.

Each group consists of 7 men and 7 women, and the many aspects of dating in 2014 are discussed.

Drinks and conversation while you learn a new skill?

It could be the last M&S Dine in For Two you ever eat alone. Admission: €70Of course you could go the traditional Dubliner route and seek out a drinking establishment for a little harmless necking, without the single set up, in which case we also have you sorted.

Trained chefs will talk you through the menu choices for the evening, over a glass of wine.

Then it’s onto the hands on part of the evening in the specially equipped kitchens.

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