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Denton was forced to resign, and Kroger settled the case out of court two years later for 5,000. Moore because her lawsuit against Kroger maintained that she was "completely alienated and antagonistic towards men and has not been able to maintain any meaningful social contacts with the opposite sex." While she was dating Rev. Moore, she asked him to procure some arsenic-based ant killer for her. It was determined that both men died of arsenic poisoning. Moore was convicted for the murder of her boyfriend, Raymond Reid and received the death penalty. Speculators say Moore killed the men in her life because of a deep seeded hate of her alcoholic father that forced her into prostitution to help pay the family bills.

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He somehow survived the ingestion of large amount of poison over a week’s time.

He was hospitalized in April of that year, and died on October 7, 1986.

Doctors indicated the cause of death was Guillain-Barré syndrome. Blanche and Reverend Dwight Moore began seeing each other publicly shortly after Reid's death.

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