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They were sufficiently impressed to request a demonstration of the boat off the Queen’s summer residence, Osborne House, Isle of Wight.

It is believed this took place also in the presence of the Princess Royal and the Prince of Wales in 1854; the latter is reputed to have commented that a cannonball would easily pass through the canvass hull.

They collaborated and eventually Smith proved the device by towing the Lords of the Admiralty on their barge from Whitehall to Woolwich.

In 1841 Berthon entered Magdalene College Cambridge to take up theological studies.

Sadly Arrow ran aground cheating the tide, Alarm went to her rescue and their race was over.

America cut inside the Nab light, Lulworth was beaten and the rest is history.

At this early stage of his career the boyhood interest in Mechanical Science was reawakened, in addition to his studies he invented the Berthon Log.

This was a pipe like device which extended below the bottom of a boat, creating pressure as the water flowed past.

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Berthon called upon Smith, certain that he had pirated his design from the patent office; Smith convinced him that he had actually arrived at the idea without outside influence.Mr Courtney took over the shipyard in the late 19th century.’s local pilot, Mr Underwood, set the black schooner on a fast reach, close inshore, for Bembridge Ledge, missing out the Nab light vessel located to the east of Bembridge.Several disastrous events occurred at sea during the 1870’s with great loss of life due to insufficient lifeboats being available. The largest was capable of carrying seventy five persons. In 1873 he was awarded a Gold Medal for the boat which was shown at the International Exhibition London.In 1873 Berthon constructed a shed in the large vicarage garden to meet what he perceived to be an increasing demand for the collapsible boats. The collapsible boats soon became popular, the smaller, seven to twelve foot range serving as yacht tenders and the larger mainly as lifeboats.

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