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The authors deserve a standing ovation for every aspect of the research except their failure to publish.

For several years, I encouraged Lee Fratt, one of the authors, to publish the work, but I have lost touch with her in recent years.

This book is now out of print, but widely available via the internet book sites noted above.

listings also include some books that are considered monumental works and/or the top references within their (sometimes narrow) subject field; examples include Farnsworth & Walthall's 2011 "Bottled in Illinois," Holabird's 2012 "Nevada History Through Glass," and David Burton's "NOTE: If viewers have additional references they think should be listed, have comments on those listed, or wish to do a "review" of ones not done as yet, such is welcomed though the author reserves the right to selectively use what most fits the goals of this website.

A final problem is that the references for the bottle section are not listed separately from those for the rest of the Tucson report. ) -and important work are available from the author by contacting him at his email: [email protected] Similar to the above book, this one is primarily listing of bottles (and out-of-date pricing guide) although there is also some useful historical information related to the bottles.. Considering the competition in the industry, one could assume that prices would be similar for similar items for all the major producers.

Overall, this is a very important study, one that is almost essential for any subsequent research on beer bottles or any comprehensive study of bottle marks. Adobe Walls The History and Archaeology of the 1874 Trading Post. Interesting archaeological study that includes a chapter with the descriptions and information on bottles discarded during the very short life of a firmly dated historic site in the Texas Panhandle which was destroyed by Comanches. A Collectors Guide to Patent and Proprietary Medicine Bottles of the Nineteenth Century. Contains a listing of over 4,000 bottles with more than 800 illustrations, though has little company history information. The Bellaire catalog does not offer druggist bottles with the capacity embossed (i.e., the stylized 3iii type markings on the shoulder) like the 1903-04 IGCo catalog.

This book is available online via Google Books at this URL: A reprint of this useful bottle catalog is found in Pyne Press, 1972. Reprinted 1970 by Pacific Grove Press, Pacific Grove, CA. company, though specializing in druggist & perfume bottles, sold a wide array of all types of bottles, though not nearly as deep an inventory as Illinois Glass Company. This small publication notes that it is "Reprinted from Ceramic Industry - (the) leading glass publication dealing with the everyday practical problems of the glass industry's executives and operating men." This is an excellent publication on the various "faults" or problems encountered in the machine manufacture of primarily bottles set up as a "cause" (the problem) and the "cure" (the solution[s]). Staten Island) dominated by primarily aqua/colorless soda, beer and some druggist bottles. Canaviax Publications Ltd., Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Very well done book on the subject with company histories of soda companies that produced of hundreds bottles (glass & ceramic) and nice b&w photos.

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For a listing of additional possible references, a relatively recent book entitled Antique Glass Bottles: Their History and Evolution 1500-1850 (Van den Bossche 2001) includes the most comprehensive worldwide bibliography of books and articles on bottles and related subjects that is to be found, having over 1100 citations.To quote the back of the cover, "This book presents a much-needed review of commercial closures for bottles and jars used in America prior to World War II.Archaeological attention to commercial closures has been rather limited.For example, where Toulouse offered only two possible companies for the use of the M. Of great importance, the authors included specific citations for their sources.This is most helpful in any serious study of marks. This recent work on Zanesville (Ohio) glass manufacturers is monumental in scope.

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