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It is not clear what research the association had undertaken into the quantity of electric vehicles of other countries, but closer inspection disclosed that almost all of the battery driven vehicles licensed for UK road use were milk floats.Glasgow has one of the largest working milk float fleets in the UK.The first vehicle produced was the 551 pedestrian controlled vehicle, which they supplied with a charger made by Partridge Wilson of Leicester, who were making their own range of Wilson battery vehicles.At some point in the early 1970s, prior to 1974, Harbilt and Morrison-Electricars reached an agreement for a product exchange and rationalisation.Most were industrial trucks, but the transfer also included the Brush Pony, and a number were manufactured at Tredegar subsequently.Electricars began trading in Birmingham in 1919, and although they initially made heavy duty electric vehicles, suitable for payloads up to 6 tons, they soon diversified into smaller vehicles suitable for doorstep delivery.

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While there was previously an exemption in the law meaning those making local deliveries were not required to wear a seat belt, which would in theory have included drivers and passengers in milk floats with seat belts fitted, the law was changed in 2005 to deliveries less than 50 metres (160 ft) apart.In British English, a milk float is a vehicle specifically designed for the delivery of fresh milk.Today, milk floats are usually battery electric vehicles (BEV), but they were formerly horse-drawn.In 1936, they became part of the business group Associated Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Limited (AEVM), but during the Second World War, few electric vehicles were built, due to a shortage of materials, and they ceased producing them in 1944.Graiseley Electric Vehicles were produced in Wolverhampton by Diamond Motors Ltd, a company which previously had made motorcycles, and which bought the sidecar business from AJS when that company was liquidated in 1931.

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