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Said Colin: "We have been 'Making a Difference' and I am now looking forward to the coming year which is a 'Year of Inspiration.' I know Julian will do an excellent job." And he told members: "This is a great opportunity for me to thank all of you for your support for what has been a most enjoyable year." In taking over the chain of office, Julian responded by telling Colin: "You have made a difference which is what you set out to do.

I am going to do my best to follow your example and concentrate on enjoying our time in Rotary, as I firmly believe that everything we do for the community originates from the friendship and common interest that we share.

The second was what she described as a ‘fabulous’ music concert held in the main auditorium of Theatre Severn.

The artist was local singer/songwriter Dan Owen who gave his performance freely to support her charity.“One of the first things I did when I became Mayor was to travel to London where Dan was recording music and ask him to support my charity work. He is well known and loved in Shrewsbury and is an amazing talent who is bringing out his first album this summer.

If people can see what you are doing they will want to be part of it, 'we did this, proud of it and hang a badge on it.' Projects to me are important and they get members." On marketing and PR, he said the best way was doing projects in the local communities.

I am hoping to set up a base in Shrewsbury town centre where people can meet to share their time, skills and experiences with others who need help.Said Gill: “The College has received some lovely verbal feedback and thanks, not only from nominees, but parents, teachers and committee members.It was a lovely event.” She thanked past President Colin Sharp for taking the time to attend the ceremony as well as presenting the awards and certificates and showing ‘real interest and encouragement’ to students.The unwillingness of some GPs to engage with, or even take on, patients with substance misuse problems.”Through my charity, I want to make a difference to an often overlooked, stigmatised, vulnerable group, a group that may include our friends, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, mothers or fathers.I’ve met an amazing group of people in recovery, all so diverse and different.

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