Southern area access validating agency

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The Equipment and Facilities General Requirements provide guidance on the minimum standards for all food establishment design and equipment.

It does not replace the new Food Establishment regulations.

They are not available for inspection by the student or his representative except as noted.

Any student, regardless of age, who is or has been in attendance at Georgia Southern University has the right to inspect and review his or her “Education Record” within a reasonable period of time after requesting to do so (not to exceed 45 days).

The intent of this legislation is to protect the rights of students and to ensure the privacy and accuracy of education records.

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Under this Act, a student has the following rights: “Education Record” means generally any record maintained by and for Georgia Southern University which contains information directly related to the student.

If you are wanting to login to UPGR for learning or practice purposes, you will need to go to Start, . You will receive a message “Password has been changed reconnecting”.

Type your current password, tab, type the new password, tab, type the new password again, SAVE, Exit.

Students who wish to prohibit the release of Directory Information may present a written request to the Registrar and such information will not be released.

However, requests that directory information be withheld from a written publication must be received in sufficient time to prevent delay in processing that publication.

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