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But what is the surety that the person you are dating post-breakup is going to be the perfect partner for you?

In a rapidly changing society, relationship dynamics are changing and so are the rules of a breakup. There are more flings than committed relationships.

Chances of you being scared to date after a breakup again are also at an all-time high after a disappointing relationship.

You might not want to go through the pain and agony of separation again. That self-doubt of not being worthy of love, respect, and fulfilment in a relationship is the aftermath of a breakup.

Amid all the satisfied stories of being in love, dreamy metaphors of completing each other and happily ever-afters, nobody wants to go through a painful breakup.

But when the reality hits you badly, it scars your soul and crumbles your whole world.

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This is what our relationship experts suggest to any individual surviving a split.

This is a constructive approach that acknowledges your due worth and inspires you to take it as a break for your individual pursuits.

If you are also going through such strange feelings, it is suggested to at least wait for 3-4 months* after a breakup to recover from heartbreak.

Use this time as an opportunity to understand your inner motivations and admit to yourself what you want in a relationship.

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