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Let's all celebrate the scorn and contempt we have for the female animal. It was the day before Christmas, Santa had just loaded the last sack of toys onto the sleigh & was heading back inside to give mrs clause a right good Fuck when it happened........

Rudolph and the rest of the gang had been planning this all year.

She had her boyfriend/partner with her the filthy slut!

Kissing him with a mouth that had been around my cock less than an hour ago!

Within a few mins she was semi crouched taking me into her mouth - it's been years since I've had anything other than my wife on my cock and it felt amazing.

She was no amateur and had definitely done this many times before!

She carried on sucking me for a bit whilst her other hand was slowly caressing under her dress - although i couldn't see what she was doing.

Her leg partly wrapped round me I pumped my cock in her for a couple of minutes as more laughter and applause came from inside.Wish we got a bit longer though, she had massive tits that were pretty much hanging out her dress that I would love to have played with or shot my load all over.Would love to have taken her to my car and railed her during the evening reception!Luckily managed to hide the small bulge that had started by putting my hand in my pocket.About 10 mins later the best man announced that the speeches were starting and for all of us to return inside.

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