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Business Insider obtained a PDF guide that is sold online for just £2.59.

It details how scammers operate fake dating site profiles in order to con men out of money.

Potential scammers are also advised to use virtual private networks and proxy services, both of which can help hide the scammer's real IP address and location in case law enforcement get involved.They are then instructed to take the information learned, and then create the "perfect woman" for the target.Adhrann says that scammers should "emphasize on you being in a difficult financial situation, yet DO NOT insist on that, but treat this subject like you have been much better in the past, and really ashamed now, [as you are] not used to being poor." Step three is where things start getting really interesting.The author claims that someone who operates the scam can earn up to ,000 (£9,700) every month if they operate the dating scam full-time.Here's the overview of Adhrann's scamming guide: Adhrann advises people following his guide to take care in the way they set up their dating site profile.

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