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Many of the dating sites we operate look like real dating sites until you join and start seeing all that flags that come with so that we know what to look for. Want is part of a large network of dating sites that we have already exposed in the past from .

Find out what's really going on behind the scenes of Want This is their newest dating site created and designed solely for the reason of misleading and deceiving as many people as they possibly can.

These type of dating services are more popular with male users.

This is not good if you plan on running a casual sex type dating service.

It's easy to get men to register on casual hookup sites but women don't flood in like the men do.

This is the main reason that website such as this one resort to criminal and fraudulent activity by creating fictitious profiles.

Want, a site built for men seeking matured women. Is Want a truthful dating service or is it a camouflaged scam that is trying to milk as many people for their credit card info?The only drawback is when you upgrade, you still can never meet up with the women who are emailing you because they're not real members of the site.(Screen shot of the 13 emails that were sent to us.) Dating sites like are hookup sites.Is that what's going on with , we can only assume it is.You have no way to identify which profiles are truthful and which ones are untruthful.

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