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Porter: That’s the first critical piece of information that blows his alibi out of the water. I mean, he’s a dentist, he washes his hand and puts on latex gloves 30 times a day.It puts him at the residence at about quarter of two in the morning till about five after two in the morning. Stafford: So if this indeed was a suicide, how would Jennifer have held the gun? She would have had to hold the gun here about this angle ‘cause you take the bullet, the gunshot wound, later confirmed through autopsy, was within an inch of the skin. Stafford: Was there any gun powder residue on Jennifer’s hands? Stafford: Would it be possible for Jennifer to kill herself and not have gunpowder on her hands?Gil Hearn: Right, so that obviously made things more difficult. Danny Porter, prosecutor: One of the people calls and says, I heard they were reopening the Augusta case.Because it did nothing to convince us that it was suicide. And he said, “Yeah, I don’t know why they want to learn about that b*tch in Augusta. I don’t have any idea about it.” Stafford: That’s the way he referred to Dolly Hearn?

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And not only is it offensive, but you start seeing another side of his personality through these unguarded conversations.This is a tale of two tragedies, of two young women who lived and died at different times and in different cities but left behind a mysterious trail of almost identical clues.Could solving one case lead to the truth in the other?They’d been married seven years and had two adorable sons, ages 7 and 5. Jennifer’s family felt unimaginable grief because the way Jennifer died was almost as painful as the loss itself. It turns out, the Gwinnett county prosecutor wasted no time doing his job.On the surface they led a storybook life and had a big beautiful home filled with photos of a fun, loving family. If you know, crack on him, he has a crack that’s five times better than yours. Her older son was the one to find her body and run to a neighbor, who called 911. He was about to take a journey into a troubled marriage and a dark past. Travis Hampton was a friend and classmate of both Bart’s and Dolly’s.

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