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There are no guarantees that the siblings will grow up with similar personalities, interests or like each other,” explained Eileen Kennedy-Moore, a Princeton, N.J.-based clinical psychologist and author of “When parents have more than one child, their wish is for the siblings to be friends forever and have each other for love throughout their lives.Many sibling relationships are fraught with conflict, but most can be negotiated and worked out to each sibling’s satisfaction.To sustain a difficult sibling relationship, Kennedy-Moore recommends taking these actions: Before cutting off a sibling relationship, Greif suggests asking yourself, what kind of narrative do you want to write about your life?

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Often cutting off the relationship arises when one sibling “finds it toxic to have that person in their life,” Kennedy-Moore said.But many siblings who are estranged from torturous brother or sisterly entanglements express a sense of relief.“They don’t have to deal with a relationship that is emotionally very costly.However, experts say that ending one should be a last resort and only transpire after giving a full effort to make it work.When the sibling relationship becomes too toxic, relief can be the result.

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