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Maybe talk about what you’re looking for in a relationship.

If he feels comfortable discussing personal topics try to make a slight hint that you would not mind dating him. Think of a first date in a company of friends you both trust and keep it simple.

When your friend feels comfortable around you both in a familiar and a stranger environment you can think of taking the relationship to the next level.

Do you feel ready to develop this friendship into something bigger?

Let him help you with the studies or give him a tutoring session yourself.

Think of an activity that you both can do, like volunteering events etc.

But when you are dealing with a guy that is slightly shyer than the rest it is important to take it slow.

The initial conversations should be neutral and impersonal.

And usually such quiet and shy guys like strong and powerful girls.

Often these girls are hunters by nature and attract directly opposite characters.

Find some topics you have in common and concentrate the conversation around them.

Talk about your hobbies, studies, school break plans, etc. If you think that a direct conversation might be too intimidating think about first befriending him on the social media.

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