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Lax writes, building "very unthinkingly done", will remove, and build it where Mc Donald approves. Told, at the inn in Eckington, that length to be 1.25 miles, "and that it had not been long begun"Makers needed, 1 million "common and dressed "bricks, between here and Worksop, 9ins x 4.75ins x 2.75ins when burnt, Company to supply "good clay" and sand, also has "several new erected kilns" and "great variety" of tools Special General Meeting, at the George. Won contract to "work, saw, frame, set down and hang, the gates for 10 locks "between Sandhill Close and Shireoaks aqueduct, for £12.8s per lock.

Work has stopped at "Norwood Hill, the aqueduct at Damm Bottom near Osburton, and the making another reservoir". [In 1759, Bridgewater Canal, paid for unspecified construction work]Contractor.

In other places only 16.5 feet at the bottom "varying according to the depth, regulated by an even or unequal surface"Work delayed by water, stone, but 1300 yards finished and navigable "towards the east end", and a "considerable distance at the west".

Shafts sunk as usual, "less than 100 yards" apart, blasting or loosening stone then drawing that up.

The walls or battlements, min 5ft 3ins high from the crown of the arch. For "bridges of communication", min 12ft breadth within the walls.

The walls or battlements of both, min 4ft 9ins high from the crown of the arch.

To be stacked by the canal 1 year from now, 13s per thousand.

[This may be why the locks of the Thorpe flight have such shallow rise/fall levels.]Approx date. "Get it in writing" - "gather your own mills data" - "have bridges, locks sites clearly marked out" beforehand, value timber that might be used.

Full details in Source Meeting, the George Inn, 11am.

Attended, with plans, link between Chesterfield and Swarkestone.

Confirmed later by Jebb, Mr (mayor) and Milnes, Dr Sees Lister, John, asks him to write to "gentlemen of weight"..them to attend Canal Co committee meeting, Worksop next day. Not allowed in but shown Bill after and allowed to discuss. Bawtry group query costings but do not have enough data as Grundy, John survey does not include Shireoaks to Chesterfield Went with Stacey, Mr, and Gainsford, Mr, to meet Howard, Henry [Principal Agent] of Norfolk, Duke of.

Received directions - check effect the canal will have on water-courses, and water-driven mills, forges, and supplies to Duke's Worksop Manor.

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