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Or is this plate rather something connected to a brothel?

Considering that the Romans – and Roman women, too – were using various everyday objects with images connected to sexuality, maybe Renaissance Italy was just the same.

Two other women, models Samantha Panagrosso and Zoe Brock, told Variety that Lombardo similarly "procured" them for Weinstein.

"Giving in to the boss's advances to advance your career is prostitution, not rape," its columnist wrote, provoking fury from Weinstein's accusers and their supporters. : è un abuso seriale delle donne, usa il suo giornale per abusare le donne perché è un ricco pezzo di merda che deve morire.

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"I bought a fake wedding ring to stop come-ons in the office." "Because I said no, he and all his friends grossly insulted me in public for months." "His hand under the table wanders during meetings.

) that gives it a funny appearance, like a hot dog (no word play intended). It was the first time I had seen a penis on a Renaissance object without any apparent connection to Greek or Roman mythology.

Above the image is the apparently Latin inscription « AIBOS FRVTI DONE » that might read (without the abbreviations) « fruits) already has a double meaning, and the Louvre museum only communicates what is written on the plate.

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