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The messages and files in secret chats are encrypted end-to-end and for more security you can enable an autodestruction timeout in the conversation that destroy completely (inclusive at the server side) all the messages and files shared until the established time-lapse.

Though it's a two-year old questions, but I'd like to recommend you an APP File Expert.

The combination of ever-more-powerful cameras and ever-more-convenient sharing mechanisms has made the exchange of explicit pictures a fact of life for nearly everyone seeking romantic connections online.

Yet when it comes to managing explicit photographs, technology generally has not been our friend.

A US study has shown that rhesus macaques will pay to look at images of powerful or sexually interesting fellows.

The discovery, made by neurobiologists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, supports the theory that monkeys will make sacrifices to gain socially useful information, much as a human might spend money on a newspaper.

Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down.

This goes for humans too: think about how uncomfortable it is to be stared at by a stranger for any length of time.Male monkeys will 'pay' in fruit juice to look at a picture of a socially dominant monkey or a female's hindquarters.In the wild, the animals help their fitness by monitoring what their leaders are doing, and which females are sexually receptive.It requires you to draw a only-you-know patter and confirmed with your own email address.To a monkey, some things are worth looking at more than others.

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