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I signed for it then quickly sprinted back up to my room to unbox it.I ripped the box open and the next thing I was holding a weird looking metal gun in my hand.Below the neck was what I really liked about her because my aunty was curvy, really god damn curvy.She had those massive boobs hanging from her chest, but below them she had wide hips and ass that most women would kill for, it being round and large and ever so firm.She taught year 7's which was about the year I would have been when I'd first started noticing her huge boobs.In fact, I remember the day I became infatuated with them, my aunty had bent over to clean the kitchen table after a family meal and her low-cut top left a huge window in which I could see her huge bra clad boobs swaying majestically as she wiped.I mean each of them was of the same guy and one of them was even of him using it on Jennifer Lawrence!

I wasn't sure whether my aunty knew she had a totally vulgar body, she dressed in a way that was totally respectable for a middle-aged woman but yet totally showed off her body at the same time.The man then approached her frozen body before literally stepping inside of it, a second later the girl started moving again, she headed straight up to the camera giving the thumbs up and the video ended.It was surely just special effects, but as I scrolled through the website and watched the plenty more videos available I started to believe more and more that it was real.Scrolling through there was a video of the 'Possession Gun' being used.I clicked on it and watched as a middle-aged man used the gun to shoot a girl walking down a street, when the bullet hit her she instantly froze.

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