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Incest differs from other forms of sexual abuse in that the perpetrator is assumed to stand in a protective (parental) role to the victim.

It is not necessary that the "parenting" figure be a family member.

Once men accept that they fail to meet the standards of masculinity, they carry a sense of inferiority into most areas of life.

Men often spend their lives trying to "prove" their masculinity, or have succumbed to the feeling that because they aren't "all men," they aren't men at all. Men must not show "softer emotions." Men must be strong, devoid of fear, unflinching, and capable.

Rigid adherence to a particular view of masculinity not only increases the incidence of victimization, but severely inhibits prospects of recovery.

The male is expected to be confident, knowledgeable, experienced, aggressive, and dominant. "real" man is expected to be able to solve any problem and recover from any setback.

Others give up the attempt, rejecting themselves because of their perceived failure as men.

The traditional definition of incest is sexual activity between blood relatives.

Michael Lew's definition of incest is more inclusive.

If they enjoyed any part of the abuse they see it as further confirmation of their shortcomings-they have failed as human beings and as men.

Any sexual activity with a man or woman can re stimulate shameful feelings.

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