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In instances where women have reported such illegal and unwelcome behavior, there have been significant victories in the past decade or so. Rupan Bajaj filed a suit against him, despite the public opinion that she was blowing it out of proportion, along with the attempts by all the senior officials of the state to suppress the matter. b) The rules and regulations of government and public sector bodies relating to conduct and discipline should include rules prohibiting sexual harassment and provide for appropriate penalties in such rules against the offender. Chopra case, is the first case in which the Supreme Court applied the law laid down in Vishakas case5 and upheld the dismissal of a superior officer of the Delhi based Apparel Export Promotion Council who was found guilty of sexual harassment of a subordinate female employee at the place of work on the ground that it violated her fundamental right guaranteed by Article.21 of the Constitution.Also considering the fact the sometimes these victories are achieved after a wait of a decade or so. Rupan Deol Bajaj vs Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, a senior IAS officer, Rupan Bajaj was slapped on the posterior by the then Chief of Police, Punjab- Mr. c) As regards private employers, steps should be taken to include the aforesaid prohibitions in the Standing Orders under the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946. Confidentiality of the complaints procedure has to be maintained. Complainant or witnesses should not be victimized Or discriminated against- while dealing with complaints. The Committee should make an annual report to the concerned Government department and also inform of the action (if any) taken so far by them. Guidelines should be prominently notified to create awareness as regards the rights of the female employees. The employers should assist the persons affected, in cases of sexual harassment by outsiders or third parties. Sexual harassment should be discussed at workers meetings, employer-employee meetings and at other appropriate forums. Both Central and State governments are required to adopt measures including legislations to insure that private employers also observe these guidelines. In both cases the Supreme Court observed, that " In cases involving Human Rights, the Courts must be alive to the International Conventions and Instruments as far as possible to give effect to the principles contained therein- such as the Convention on the Eradication of All forms of Discrimination Against Women, 1979 [CE DAW] and the Beijing Declaration directing all state parties to take appropriate measures to prevent such discrimination." The guidelines and judgments have identified sexual harassment as a question of power exerted by the perpetrator on the victim.According to the official statistics of 1991, one woman is molested every 26 minutes. Whereas, if the unreported cases were to be included, it would be a matter of seconds- rather than minutes. The Supreme Court in 1995 passed the judgment in her favour, with back pay and perks from the date of dismissal. State of Rajasthan and others, that for the first time sexual harassment had been explicitly- legally defined as an unwelcome sexual gesture or behaviour whether directly or indirectly as 1. Thereby making the impact of such actions on the recipient more relevant rather than intent of the perpetrator- which is to be considered. The Supreme Court in absence of any enacted law (which still remains absent- save the Supreme Court guidelines as stated hereunder) to provide for effective enforcement of basic human rights of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment, laid down the following guidelines: 1.investigation of Most cases are not reported by victims because of various reasons such as family pressures, the manner of the police, the unreasonably long and unjust process and application of law; and the resulting consequences thereof. Gill Rs.2.5 lacs in lieu of three months Rigorous Imprisonment under Sections. In the abovementioned case, the judgment was delivered by J. All the employers in charge of work place whether in the public or the private sector, should take appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassement without prejudice to the generality of his obligation, he should take the following steps: a) Express prohibition of sexual harassment which includes physical contact and advances, a demand or request for sexual favours, sexually coloured remarks, showing pornographic or any other unwelcome physical, verbal/ non-verbal conduct of sexual nature should be noticed, published and circulated in appropriate ways.We offer a number of free chat rooms no registration required over our three main chat forums.

However, the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1983 has made a statutory provision in the face of Section.114 (A) of the Evidence Act, which states that if the victim girl says that she did no consent to the sexual intercourse, the Court shall presume that she did not consent. Habib Vs State, the Delhi High Court allowed a rapist to go scot-free merely because there were no marks of injury on his penis- which the High Court presumed was a indication of no resistance.

However, it also not true that all cases of sexual harassment are such- where the accused is guilty of conceiving the intention of a sexual intercourse.

But it also depends on each individual case and circumstances, because it may well be the case that the woman may also be at fault. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal/non-verbal conduct being sexual in nature.

However, the Supreme Court again acquitted the accused policemen.

The Supreme Court held that Mathura had raised no alarm; and also that there were no visible marks of injury on her person thereby negating the struggle by her.

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