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Steph hears the doorbell and asks me if she can get the door, I said sure baby go welcome out guests.

As she opens the door, my friend Andres arrives, he is always the first to arrive and tonight is no different. D is skinny and spindly with dark hair, Tom is big and muscular with blond hair.

My friend Rachel and I treated ourselves to a cruise to celebrate a promotion I had received at work.

We were enjoying the stops in the different ports and the time we got to relax at the pool with some drinks.

The next card is the kind of card that makes you nervous, even though he was most likely bluffing, if he was going for an inside straight he probably caught the card. No what do I do, first of all I don’t have enough chips to call him, second of all if he caught the straight I am screwed anyway, but Tom bluffs so much and it would be like him at this point to bluff me off the hand that I can’t resist and call him.“Carl, bud, you don’t have enough chips to call me.”“Come on Tom I will owe you, I am good for it,”“Sorry bud, you made the rules no money no call”I told him to wait a second, I got up from the chair and walked into the living room to talk to Steph, I came back to the table with Steph right behind me, I showed her my cards I verbalized that Tom was mostly like bluffing and she looked at me, and nodded okay.

So I said to Tom, “hey man how about Steph will change into a very short maid’s outfit for the rest of the night if I lose this hand.”At this point Andres and J. were both hooting and hollering for Tom to accept my bet.“You got it Carl, I will accept those terms, tell me what you have?

She continued to run her fingers over my lips, and across my nipples.

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we've created this space in order to invite you, through our webcam, a few moments of initimity in our life of every days, since our living room or our kitchen, in our bathroom or our bedroom.I was quivering with excitement, wondering what she was going to do.She leaned into me and gently touched her lips to mine. She deepened the kiss and brought her fingertips to my nipples. Once again she asked me if I wanted her to continue. Rachel laid me down on the towel and then lay beside me.Now Tom at this point does not have anything that can beat me, the best he can do is to go for an inside straight, which the odds are way stacked against him, so when the card is flipped and it doesn’t help him, I throw down another bet and he bets over me.At this point knowing Tom he is probably bluffing, Tom loves to bluff and I love catching him on a bluff, so I call his bet and we wait for the next card.

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