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Dorothy Parker praised Malcolm lavishly, and Albee adapted it for the stage.Purdy followed Malcolm with another novel, The Nephew (1960), and a collection of stories, Children Is All (1961).From the appearance of Cabot Wright Begins (1964) Purdy began to leave much of his potential readership behind as his dark satire became increasingly bold.Cabot Wright was reviewed with approval by Susan Sontag for the New York Times, but the novel’s protagonist, a serial rapist, was a challenge for many potential readers.Former Oklahoma Sooners football player Parrish Cobb received an 18-year prison sentence Monday after a guilty plea on aggravated robbery charges.

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The family moved to Findlay, Ohio before 1920 and within the next several years James’ parents divorced.

After moving to Chicago to further his education he met the painter Gertrude Abercrombie and before long became a member of the group of creative people associated with her.

Building on an early interest in reading and creative writing, Purdy’s Chicago years had introduced him to new cultural experiences in literature and especially jazz music, with its mostly African-American creators and performers. Army, where he continued to develop his foreign language skills, eventually working as an interpreter and teaching school in Havana, Cuba for a time.

Paralleling Purdy’s generally well-received writing was his success in garnering grants to support his work.

The National Institute of Arts and Letters and the Guggenheim Foundation awarded him grants in 1958, followed by a Ford Foundation grant in 1961 and another Guggenheim in 1962.

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