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They had been outnumbered by Democrats in the state House, though, until they took control that November. And in Pennsylvania, few leaders were looking out for the Democratic Party as a whole.

In that vacuum, individual and regional interests prevailed.

With Republicans in control, Democrats saw it as inevitable that they would be the ones to give up the seat.Only now, with Democrats’ tongues loosened by time and changing circumstances, is the full story being told — and it’s the ultimate reminder that all politics, even when they play out on a national scale, are local.With voters focused on gerrymandering like never before, though, Democrats’ votes could come back to haunt them.More than one in three Democrats in the state House voted for the 2011 map.Most were from the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas, where incumbent Democrats in Congress were largely protected under the new lines. In Montgomery County, Allyson Schwartz moved to a safer Democratic district as she was considering a run for governor, freeing her up to raise money.

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