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People come to us to enlist an expert's help." And that expertise is why the service commands such a substantial chunk of change. It's not ,000, which some companies charge." "This also dances a bit around the idea of what people assign worth or meaning to," says Dr. This type of dating service can certainly have comparable variable value." Rachel Baker, an event planner in her early 30s and Philadelphia resident, tried a matchmaking service last year (her name has been changed to protect her identity).She found the personal touch of a matchmaker comforting, something you don’t get when you log in to any old dating app.

Well, the price tag to be a premium member is a little steeper. If it’s not Abraham Lincoln in Ryan Gosling’s body, I’d be disappointed.That's the gap we're trying to bridge." For anyone who’s ever whimpered about how there’s no one left to meet in the city, Erika feels your pain, but is quick to dispel the myth."Everyone thinks they know everyone in Philly and it's not true," she says, laughing. See how much time you have left for other things in your life.You don't go to the gym and tell your personal trainer how to train you.You don't go to the dry cleaner and tell them how to starch your shirt. "It's expensive enough to make you feel like you're making an investment, which we want you to feel, because we're also making an investment in our time -- and it's an emotional investment for both of us. But for others, a brand-new car is where they will sink all their extra money.

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