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The adoption agency is then required to attempt to locate the birth family, in order to obtain written consent from them, stating that said birth family grants permission for the adoptee to contact them.Department of Children and Families Office of Public Relations 505 Hudson Street Hartford, CT 06106 Phone (860) 550-6578. HTM#SEARCH ------------------------------------------ Delaware ~ Adoptees may request non-identifying information from the adoption agency that handled their case.This new certificate is then substituted for the original and the original birth certificate, along with records of adoption, are then placed into a sealed file.In 2000, however, this vital record law was amended to allow an adult adoptee to obtain an uncertified copy of that record, as well as any other documents that had been placed into the sealed file.It is also possible to file an affidavit that states that you are willing to allow your contact information to be released to your birthparents, should they look.Youth and Family Center Children and Youth Services Adoption Services Manager 1825 Faulkland Road Wilmington, DE 19805-1195 Phone: 302-633-2655 Website ~ for notarized affidavits, send inquiries to: Family Court of Wilmington Attn: Maxine Wiggins P. Box 2359 Wilmington, DE 19899 ------------------------------------------ District of Columbia ~ For information on adoption records within the District of Columbia, please use the contact information listed below: Dept.The other option is to handle the search yourself, and this is the method that we shall now address: Upon gathering all of your information, you will first want to get in touch with the state office that handles adoption records.

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This information can be in regards to contact wishes and / or information, as well as pertinent medical information and history.Over the years, adoption (the act of permanently placing a minor child with parents other than the childs biological birth parents) has become more and more popular.Today, roughly 100 million Americans have someone adopted in their immediate family - this means that roughly one in every three Americans have a close connection to someone who has been adopted.While you can often contact the offices, via phone, to answer questions, most requests for adoption records must be made in writing.Additionally, these inquiries must also include, not only your full name and address, but also a copy of your government-issued photo identification, as well as written reason why you are requesting said information.

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