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This range was about 12 hours long, and began with a sleep of three to four hours, wakefulness of two to three hours, then sleep again until morning.References are scattered throughout literature, court documents, personal papers, and the ephemera of the past.

Two sleeps were eventually considered a wasteful way to spend these hours.Once they had caught up on their sleep though, a strange thing started to happen. Over a twelve hour period, the participants would typically sleep for about four or five hours initially, then wake for several hours, then sleep again until morning. The middle hours of the night, between two sleeps, was characterized by unusual calmness, likened to meditation.This was not the middle-of-the-night toss-and-turn that many of us experienced. He and his family intentionally went an entire month with no electric light.What is surprising is not that people slept in two sessions, but that the concept was so incredibly common.Two-piece sleeping was the standard, accepted way to sleep.

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