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“If you don’t know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do.” James’ observations about what to read with so little time left is fascinating. This Pulitzer Prize-winning story follows a six-year-old Parisian girl who is losing her sight.

Her father, a master lock-maker, works for the French Museum of Natural History.

The criteria given to the contributors is quite simple: “What were the best books you read in the past year?

” The books chosen can address any topic and could be published recently or centuries ago.

Read this novel for the sheer mastery of words and imagery.

When the Germans invade Paris, blind Marie and her father narrowly escape—and are pursued—with what may be the museum’s rarest treasure.

But Madame Pamplemousse has just begun to teach Madeleine that there is more to greatness than smoked pterodactyl bacon: “The ingredients I use are not especially remarkable. It is you yourself that gives flavour to your cooking—your character, your dreams, your smiles, your tears.” A warning: inexplicably Kingfisher uses an age-inappropriate expression once in the story, “I’ll be damned if I’ll let her have it.” Otherwise the book is witty, charming, and a perfect book to share with an eight-year-old.

Mary Jo Anderson is a Catholic journalist and speaker whose articles and commentaries on politics, religion, and culture appear in a variety of publications. Birzer: As always, taking stock of what I’ve read and what I still have to look forward to read is one of the highlights of my years. Additionally, I am continually amazed at how technology—whether Audible or Kindle or just the old-fashioned tangible book—allows me to enjoy reading even more than before.

Several years ago, Greaney inherited the Tom Clancy world, and he has treated and nurtured it lovingly.

(Tom Clancy; 2016) is the latest book in Greaney’s long list of accomplishments.

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