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But it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” When a popular dating app surveyed its 370 million users worldwide, the study stated that women were found to log on to dating apps a staggering 10 times a day, with men falling slightly behind at nine times each day.It was also found that more than 16% of millennials set their age bands higher to find an older date.Like you apply for a job and then there is a reason most of the companies specify you can work only at one place at a time.Always be positive that if not her/him there is always somebody else. You might not be looking forward for the same as the other person. A good and healthy relationship is what we all require.

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In fact, I even had my CV on it at one point that helped me network.

Dating is big on the priority list of most single people.

But it also is very tricky business, especially for an adolescent or young adult, not only because you subconsciously end up measuring your worth based on how successful you are or not, but also because it requires a lot of effort.

Another student from Christ College, Namrata Muralidharan, adds, “A lot of time is spent on dating apps just swiping and reading the bios that people put up, and not necessarily accepting or declining requests.

Some of them are interesting, most very silly and funny.

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