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In Punjab, the SRB has improved from 775 in 1999-2001 to 808 in 2004-2006, while in Haryana, it rose from 803 to 837 over the period (see figure).

While still a long way from the desired 950, the data indicate that a slow reversal has begun.

Often, the combination of available family funds for an ultrasound test and low fertility will exacerbate the sex ratio problem.

When couples limit their family to two children and they want to make sure that at least one is a boy, they may be more open to aborting a female fetus.

The increasing availability of ultrasound has been linked to the sharp rise in the ratio of male births to female births in some parts of India in recent decades.The pressure to have a son is often felt most intensively by young wives, who want to please their husband’s family.Punjab—with India’s most unbalanced ratio of boys to girls—has a total fertility rate (TFR) is just 2.1 lifetime births per woman.Tamil Nadu’s example shows that the practice can be controlled.The somewhat higher sex ratios in relatively poor and higher TFR states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (not shown) may largely reflect the fact that the average of over four children per woman in those states makes the birth of a son much more likely.

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