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Pest control worker Kim Cain was convicted of murdering a 71-year-old Palm Beach socialite.The prosecution argued she found Cain stealing her jewelry to support a gambling addiction.Cain's family is hoping Chris and Fatima can prove his innocence.Deborah & Jim Green believe they're Generals in a holy army for God, for more than 30 years their harsh rule has destroyed families and ruined lives.With a new love of his life and new business ventures, Maurizio's murder is less a case of who wanted him dead, but who didn't.A Pennsylvania Sunday school teacher is executed in a sniper-style attack, and the killer seems determined to throw police off the scent.

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Everyone in prison knows Red, but beneath her tough exterior, she has a big heart and she's in turmoil over her relationship with her mom.That is, until detectives unlock the killer's timeline and solve what was nearly the perfect murder.When Sherri Dally mysteriously vanishes from her Ventura home, her husband Michael & bestfriend Debbie head up a massive search. Never-before-aired home videos trace a tale of sordid secrets & double lives.But authorities begin to believe that the crime scene may have been staged and that Michael may have left on his own.Tony Harris pieces together the 1990 case of three prostitutes killed in Spokane, Washington, and discovers a pattern of murders connected by twenty-two caliber bullets, a killing spree that shocked a city, and a suspect with a stunning new identity.

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