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And even more awesome is that once you have raised a request for a new partner of your choice, you don’t have to stay in the app waiting for a connection to be made.

You can even close the app and still you will get notified when a new partner is found.

Whenever you go through a fresh breakup or post a new #ootd, they are always there, sexually dehydrated and hoping you’ll respond to their “u up” chat.There are, of course, exceptions, but on the whole my male friends don’t seem to care as much about leaving a conversation hanging or responding to an open-ended question with a thumbs-up.My female friends, on the other hand, are much more likely to write me a paragraphs-long text to clarify what they think we should do this weekend.When we’re trying to get out of an in-person conversation, we can gather our things or say we’re tired. When we’re texting, every message just prolongs the conversation, but silence is rude.—or you’re stuck trying to keep your eyes open as you give shorter and shorter hahahahas until the person just stops texting you.I wish society would get together and agree on a kill-switch emoji for every hard conversation.

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