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Others want to plan out a detailed itinerary and have their lodging booked well in advance.

If one drives at 45 miles per hour (MPH) on average, that would be approximately 3 hours and 37 minutes of driving each day.This detailed day-by-day Route 66 itinerary covers all the basic details (mileage, general route) and sightseeing highlights along the 2,400 mile route.We cover quirky Route 66 roadside attractions, historical buildings, vintage roadside diners, museums, natural wonders, and so much more.Driving: If you have your own car, motorcycle, or RV and live in the U. (or maybe Canada) then driving may be the best option.However, if you live far from the starting or ending point (e.g., Florida, Maine, Nova Scotia) then it might make more sense to fly there and rent a car.

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