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More filipino female workers work overseas compared to the filipino men. BIGOTRY OF CHURCH: CHILDREN STIGMATISED AS ILLEGITIMATE “Illegitimate children” is a legal term defined in the Philippines law for the children born out of wedlock.This outdated judgmental term, based on the Catholic scriptures, is considered derogatory and inhumane by the modern secular and rational humanist activists.

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Phil appears to love home repair yet never seems to get around to any of the jobs requested by Claire.It simply means that the person is not legally married or the person is still legally married but has since separated from their legal spouse.In addition to the brainwashing of church, another big reason for the large number of illegitimate children, broken and short-term transient relationships, is the large number of migrant population among Filipinos. Every family has at least one member working overseas.When someone says “I am a single parent” in Philippines, it does not mean they are “really” single and have no relationship.They might be living-in or might have a long-term steady relationship or two.

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