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UK researchers find significant correlations using flexed-neck position MRI scans of cavaliers and other brachycephalic dogs with and without Chiari-like malformation. They report finding: • The distance from the planum of the foramen magnum to the pons was significantly reduced, providing evidence of craniocephalic disproportion similar to human patients with Chiari malformation type I.

In a December 2017 article, a team of UK's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies neurologists (Caroline R. • The reduction of the foramen magnum to pons distance could reflect regional shortening of the caudal fossa, or could reflect caudal displacement of the pons by, for example, an overcrowded forebrain.

They conclude that "surgical decompression with Lyoplant was an effective long-term (12-month) treatment for COMS without the need for any pharmacological treatment." Belgian questionnaire study of 114 CKCS owners shows they are most concerned about MVD and CM/SM in selecting dogs.

In a January 2018 study by Belgian investigators (Katrien Wijnrocx, Liesbeth François, Peter Goos, Nadine Buys, Steven Janssens ), they conducted a on-line Internet questionnaire study about the attitudes of breeders and owners of cavalier King Charles spaniels in the importance they attach to health (syringomyelia and mitral valve disease) and conformation traits in the selection of a CKCS.

In a May 2018 abstract presented at the November 2017 "Pain in Animals" Workshop, North Carolina State researchers (C. They speculate that the ZWINT gene may be related to neuropathic pain, but this study did not detect any such association.

They conclude by calling for additional studies in larger numbers of cavaliers and other affected brachycephalic breeds to investigate the role of the two associated loci and the genes in the pathogenesis of CM/SM. Volk, Clare Rusbridge) created a computer model of the spinal cavity of a cavalier King Charles spaniel suffering from a large syrinx due to Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia (CM/SM).

• Overcrowding in the supratentorial portion of the cranium could potentially displace the entire cerebellum and brainstem caudally against the occipital bone contributing to the development of cerebellar herniation and resultant alterations in CSF.

The team obtained MRI scans of 66 cavalier King Charles spaniels (CKCSs) over the age of 4 years.

Rusbridge) relied upon an innovative machine learning technique (a computerized data analytics technique using computational methods to learn information from data without relying on a predetermined equation as a model).

• Cerebral length relative to cranial length was significantly increased in dogs with CM compared with control dogs, supporting the hypothesis that CM is governed by a global overcrowding of the brain, dissimilar to the human condition.• Significant correlations were identified between these measurements and the extent of cerebellar herniation.

• No significant differences or correlations were identified with clinical grade.

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