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When sowing in situ, cover the seed lightly and water well.

If planting from modules or seed trays dig in a little old compost first.

Lunaria annua 'Alba Variegata' has creamy-white variegated leaves and pure-white flowers.

It's an aristocratic honesty, although indistinguishable from a commoner in its first year when its foliage is rough and dark green.

It is only in its flowering year that it shows its true colours and demonstrates its noble lineage.

If biennials are not for you there is a perennial honesty Lunaria rediviva that is an exceptionally beautiful plant.

If this is all too tasteful, mix the purple-flowered variety with orange tulips - Tulipa 'Ballerina' is ideal and its elegant flowers are also scented.

To sow the plant yourself start collecting seed now.

Honesty develops thick storage roots, almost like tubers, and, in common with other brassicas, has deep tap roots.

Keeping them in pots for any length of time prevents the roots developing properly and, if plants are not put out promptly, they will dwindle.

It has a simple grace with yard-high stems clothed in fresh green heart-shaped leaves.

Its cross-shaped flowers are pale lavender and sweetly scented.

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