Serena williams dating vanilla ice

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Interesting: While the sisters co-own the Ballen Isles house, Serena is the sole owner of the Bears Club property, which is seven doors from ex-NBA champ Michael Jordan sprawling crib.

The sisters have been active on the real estate front for the past few months.

I’m told the muscle-bound 32-year-old will be building a massive home over the next three years.

The value of residences at the Club vary between million and million-plus.

With the heat reaching into the upper 90s across the country, there’s no better time than now to master making an ice cream cake.

It may seem intimidating, but according to Carvel’s head chef Dave Fenner, it couldn’t be easier.“It doesn’t take a lot of time, there’s not a big mess factor and it’s whatever you want it to be,” Fenner told ABC News.

Make a Thin Mint version with mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate crunchies and a chocolate fudge topping. You could go with a classic round or rectangle cake mold, or buy a fun-shaped version at your local craft store.

The options truly are endless and completely customizable. Make sure to chill it before you begin." data-reactid="27"Pick and freeze your mold. Bring your ice cream up to between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s pliable and easy to spread into your mold." data-reactid="28"Soften your ice cream.

Two-thirds of us prefer our frozen desserts served in a cone, while only 55 per cent opt for a waffle bowl or cup (seriously, who ever wants a cup? Check out the breakdown of ice cream preferences in the infographic below: However, our love of chocolate ice cream may not extend to soft serve. We've reached out to Mc Donald's Canada with this question, and will update the post when they respond.

Once it’s frozen, take it out of the freezer and run the mold upside down under lukewarm water to pop it out of the mold.

Summer is not even close to being here but we're already thinking about delicious, creamy ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and ...

Mc Donald's discontinued their chocolate cones years ago, leaving a few frustrated consumers expressing their confusion online over the years. The Leger survey also reveals which gender has more of a sweet tooth.

Women are more likely to claim it as their reason for indulging, with 70 per cent using that rationale compared to 62 per cent of men.

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