Separated husband dating another woman cherokee dating practicies

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Because you had no clue, it probably seemed to you like the marriage was going along pretty well.

She may have even have continued to have sex with you.

As her husband, you need to ask yourself the question, “If I had been feeling depressed, hopeless, and empty in my marriage, and now feel hopeful about a fresh start, how easily would I change my mind?

” Every attempt you make to convince her to come back will just make her remember that painful place she was in before. If you persist, she will have to ask you to give her space and won’t respond to your messages.

If you date, she will actually feel happier about her decision to leave you.

Some wives even encourage their husbands to date for this very reason.

Because she does not know how to turn that feeling on again, she will not believe that anything you can say or do would change that.

The big mistake many men make here is to do too much, too soon, instead of going slowly.

These behaviors made you look both selfish and needy.

There was nothing attractive about them and nothing in them that would make her feel more in love with you.

Some men have the misguided notion that they can make their wives jealous by dating other women.

Dating other women could actually be the death blow to your marriage. Even if she is dating or looking, your dating would be the WORST thing you could do if you want to save your marriage.

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