Secular muslim dating

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If young Turkish girls and guys like these are so inline with Islamic codes when it comes to sexuality--imagine the Turkish society as a whole!

Furthermore, even in Western World, you'll rarely see a Muslim girl wearing slutty dresses.

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Either you have to become a Muslim, or even when you are one you have to be from her background or she is already promised to a cousin back from her home village.I'll share my motivation to post this thread as well..I've been talking to this one Muslim chick in my university. So she is the type of girl every guy would try to get to.Basically, and I'm saying this LITERALLY, every single study out there reveals the same exact thing: Muslim girls are likely to be sexually active before marriage. I was just feeling that it kinda sucks how I can't stay what I am and still get a Muslim wife. It is the ultra-orthodox Muslims that practice the Wahhabi strain of Sunni Islam that seem to be the problem.(I can share multiple studies from top institutes if anybody wants). I started to talk to some Middle-Eastern guys and girls. Looked up other anthropological studies regarding cultural norms, surveys regarding various issues in Muslim World, and so on. (I can literally get any girl as my wife (Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Hindu)..Muslim girls are the hardest nut to crack). Yes I'm sure that Muslim girls (actual Muslim girls as in moderately religious, not secular ones like in Bosnia) are awesome.

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