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Try to keep the summary sheet as short as possible – One to five pages, depending on the number of issues. Here is a copy of an actual claim letter for the following claims: 1) disability. This can be tricky for new conditions secondary to service-connected conditions. Take copies of your files with you in a folder to your VSO meeting. Now, if you believe you have something like sciatica, then listing that after the symptoms may be fine.Your documentation will be in addition to this (doctors’ opinions – civilian, VA, military). One misunderstanding of many is that lay evidence counts very little because it is not “objective.” (lay evidence is a statement from the veteran or buddy letter that supports a claim). Again, this depends on your specific situation and comfort level.Filing disability claims with the Dept of Veterans Affairs is tricky.Getting documentation together for one disability claim can be a full-time job.This is yet another case of ‘do what I say, not what I did.’ It is important to not repeat the following because it will cause a lengthy appeal process – and there is nothing worse than a 10-year appeals process.It’s like waiting for your IRS tax refund, except it’s more money and, like Rip Van Winkle, I look a whole lot older.I was denied for these conditions right after my separation from service, in 2001. I had a sleep study in service conducted by the Fargo VA.

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I had brief apneas but did not require a machine = 30 percent.Read about what Sinusitis actually is and what causes it. Keep an open mind and shop around for the one you feel the most confident with handling your case. Others have too many cases to directly manage effectively.Get educated on each and every condition you are claiming this same way. Many VSO’s make less that ,000 per year and should be respected for their sacrifices to help us get the benefits we were promised. The advantage for you will be the fact that you have your case already together.I generally bring all documentation relevant to the specific injury or injuries with me along with a summary sheet. However, do not get cute and diagnose something that is not stated in your SMRs.Avoid dropping your whole file on the person’s lap with the expectation that they will sort through it for you. One thing your evidence should have is a Nexus letter (hopefully from a doctor) explaining how the evidence in your file is relevant to the condition you have now. List the symptoms, not the diagnosis (back pain with numbness down the legs, for example).

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