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But Facebook faces the same unenviable task as every other dating site.“Facebook’s dating app’s effectiveness will be determined by how that algorithm calculates matches,” she said.Still, online dating is still much more common in younger generations, with the share of 18 to -24-year-olds using online dating services nearly tripling from 10% to 27% in that time.

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annual conference on Wednesday that the biggest social media site on the planet would launch a dating feature later this year.

I am in groups dedicated to professors, media practitioners, and LGBTQ activists. Still, Zuckerberg apologized for the privacy violations and said the company would review all third party apps accessing data on the site.

It could also be an incentive for Facebook users: The company has so much data that it may be better at making matches.

Like Tinder, this dating service will only show users’ first names.

(That’s useful, given that so many people tell fibs on dating sites.) Users will not be matched with friends on Facebook, but rather others who have marked themselves as “single” on the social media network.

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