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Stellaris will let the player choose their FTL-type, do a complete customisation of species, AI factions will be randomised and population composition will be an important element of your empire.There will be internal politics and factions, events galore (including a late game crisis or menace), diplomacy and the possibility of forming a Federation; and a war system similar to other Paradox games.This alone makes this a highly anticipated and eagerly awaited title by anyone who is starting to grow tired of the established formula.

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The game will be 4X, especially in the early game, but the developers assure that by the mid to late game it will be more similar to their Grand Strategy style of games.

There’s 4X games of all shapes and sizes this year, with much to offer in both real-time and turn-based fashion.

There’s also a couple more classic-style RTS games to look for and a few sequels.

Hopefully, this title will have the smoother release of Total War: Attila.

Despite the shaky past of the developer, one can hope Total War: Warhammer will be given the just attention it deserves.

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