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What we needed was concise, easily accessible support and guidance, not huge policy documents filled with copious amounts of prescriptive and largely irrelevant text.

The girl deserves a disciplinary - can you imagine what would happen if this all came out? :confused: The child molester gets arrested as such; everyone who covered up the affair gets called in to testify; the parents of the child sue everybody; licenses to teach get permanently revoked all the way around for failure to protect the child. So basically a teacher is dating someone that has a child that attends the school that he teaches at? And the fact that that student will eventually be in your class factors into this how? I'm not sure what you can do as an individual teacher in this situation other than taking her aside and talking to her. both single, consenting adults) then the OP has no place speaking to the teacher or the parent about it.Reducing the bureaucracy surrounding school behaviour policies allows schools to control their own agendas and apply what works for them in their individual contexts.It is about placing decision making in the hands of those people best placed to make those decisions. We need to clear the decks because we’re currently drowning under the weight of all the guidance an d regulations.If heads were able to have a clear list of what they have to do and read it would make the job much more attractive.Just hearing about the raft of things you think you need to do can be very off-putting for an inexperienced head.

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