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Is the Ben Jean mentioned the guy with the little girl, both wearing sun glasses? His methods follow online dating scammer profiles, so I blocked and reported him. I kept asking this one "4 Star General" where he had done his Airborne (he had an Airborne patch that I recognized on the shoulder of his profile pic). Then, Jerome, who was supposedly on a platform off Italy suddenly was begging me to send money to California so he and his crew could get water to drink, as they were seriously low!

I cant say he asked for money "yet" but he didn't get the chance with me. My favorites are the ones that claim to be military (especially Army as my son has been in for 14 years and i have a little bit of understanding of what goes on there). The first one was Anderson Morrison who claimed to be a widow with 2 kids in boarding school. Then, when I wouldn’t cough up the phone, stated he wasn’t In his right mind and asked to be left alone!

I'm sure I heard someone in background coaching him. He left to go to Turkey and got there and his credit card was compromised by buying the i Phone and needed my money. BEWARE, they get mean when you do not give your hard earned money to them. I realized he was a scammer when he fell in love in a couple of days and wanted to retire and spend all his time with me and his daughter, who is 12 and in boarding school in New York. He is "a lonely man" wanting to be with someone who will love him.

Really a 54 year old man with no friends, and no contingency plan for ar such a large contract. After talking to my Cousin who plays on WWF with me and telling her about this very curious guy, she led me to this website. Gave the weirdest excuse that he broke one of the drills on the rig and needed K to replace it. Beware of David Gibson and Happy lovely Flower on Words with friends. Both joined WWF April 2018 Both are photos of men with a similar look, white T-shirt’s, nice looking. Also stating he is a MD working with the military in Afghanistan. His grammar and sentence structure is very odd and very quick to be amorous and affectionate. After he didn't get ITunes cards and money to buy "life jackets" for work on oil rigs where he was an independent mechanical engineer he got UGLY. He had a daughter in boarding school, whose birthday was 6/5/2018. He fell in love with me because his wife died in a car accident. I said I was going shopping and he asked what I was buying him, but he kept asking for an i Tunes card. Is from Hungary and lives in Dallas in a 4 bedroom home, I asked about a pool and of course he has one.

Then needed ITunes card and I told him I was out of money.

I Knew he was a scammer and was playing WORDS with other women, which he denied. I Told him he didn't tell me what to do and I didn't owe him anything. I played along with his lies to see what he would say.

Wouldnt video call or speak wonder why lol Similar story, met on WWF then chatted on Messenger. When I said no, he said 0 would pay to,have the jacket shipped to him. They always have something they need and we are the only one they have to turn to. It is better to have longer passwords, than passwords made of random characters, according to infosecurity magazine.

He told me he was 52 yrs old living in Boston, his POF profile read he was 50 yrs old and living in Hawaii. I found the real Steve Hopper on Facebook and have told him about this identity fraud. Here are the warning signs: White male, widowed or divorced1-2 teenage children with a nanny Petroleum engineer who is a contractor Odd grammar and choice of words and phrases First names for both surname and first name Info is not consistent Cell phone is answered by a robot Asks many personal questions Do not send money, gift cards, and do not provide any personal information!!!

Long story short I told him I was not interested, he then quickly asked for an ITunes card. A few weeks later I saw his profile on Plenty of Fish! So far he has been nice but just a little too anxious to move to hangouts. This guy is good and very loving, makes you believe he really cares. Has anyone been approached by Ben Jean on words with friends? Has two daughters and yep he works as an oil rigger in the Gulf of Mexico. Ladies, be very careful and do not give any personal information!

Not asked for anything declares his love for me quotes Song of Solomon from the bible again internet. Then he wanted 00 for an electric jacket so he could dive into the sea to fix something on the oil,rig to finish his contract. He has no one else and is on an oil rig 400 miles from land. Another man was impersonating Marcus Laubenthal who is a Brig. Thankfully I have a difficult password, which I just changed again.

Played along and he thinks I'm a rich widow and sent photos of my villa lol I wish. Then it was a cell phone for his daughters birthday. Started talking sweet talk and then said he had a call from his son’s guardian and he is seriously ill and needs 0 before they can treat him. After playing him in Words With Friends, I see activity on my email account from various locations across the globe, like Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, etc.

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