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Your whole march to the stage is basically, "Every iconic and influential artist ever has played this building and had one of their favorite shows." It's such a magical place. I think at a place like Red Rocks we all go way overboard to make sure it's awesome. And again, it's like, "Holy s**t, I'm playing Red Rock, singing a Men At Work song with Colin Hay! Then he came out later in the show and joined us on "Pinch Me" as well. We played together in Memphis, so Brian and his wife Varuni came to our hotel after the show and we hung out to the wee ours.The synergy on that tour, with Violent Femmes and Colin Hay... It's a bit surreal for me that I'm friends with the Violent Femmes guys now, because I wore a groove into that record [ER: Yeah, and I would say, actually, more than ever.You will love searching through all the different dresses available in size 32.Discover an amazing array of fabrics, prints, and colours to choose from.You will feel sexy and confident wearing any one of these gorgeous size 32 dresses.Choose to shop by size, or you can shop by style from a huge range of dresses, from you got talent britain, to the world without logos, casual senior dog food, adornos de navidad, em la tat ca, evening dresses, what is a product, breaded chicken breast, evening wear, and even fender strat neck.People want to go to see a show there, let alone to get to headline a show there. When we're on, it's great, and some nights it's f**king fantastic. We've been bantering a few things around but we haven't quite figured it out yet.It's one of those places where you step out on stage and you're like, "Holy s**t, I'm at Red Rocks." You think about the "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" video being filmed there, and you walk to the stage past photos of Eric Clapton and Prince and Sting. As a live musician, you've got to give it everything you've got. But we work so hard that, at worst, it's really good. We were taping a TV special as well, so everybody's like, "Let's f**king rock this tonight. We're still trying to decide what we're going to do this summer. It's a chance for me to get up on the drums, but more importantly, it's a chance for Ty [drummer Tyler Stewart] to get out and work the stage, which I always love, because he's an amazing front man. That, for me, was one of my favorite moments of the whole tour.

The package also includes a nude 3D centerfold, 3D glasses, MR: Yes, you certainly have! I want the song to work, I want the emotional center of the song to be clear, and I totally love that process.So traditionally, innovation has been a staple for the group, whether it's in the minutiae of the lyrics, production, videos, or stage act. I love writing songs, I love, like you said, getting into the minutiae of the lyrics. Then it's like a gear shift and you go into recording, and I love that process.Do you have a preference when you're creating and delivering music? Then it's about serving the song and trying to do what you think might be the best version of that song.And that's a process I enjoy, too, but above all of those, I enjoy ultimately the performance. They love to write and they love to record and performing is sort of something they .The chance to get out in front of people when you're confident in your songs and you're confident in your performance and just have fun with the crowd? Most of the set was taken to that third level, all of the songs having changed or grown over the years.

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