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You’re an individual, which means your needs are as unique as you are.

That’s why Over 50 Savannah Singles offers the most comprehensive guarantee available in the dating industry.

I may be moving to Savannah from Boston in the next couple of months and I'm curious how it is for a young, single professional.

I've always heard the South is very friendly and that it is beautiful in Savannah so that excites me. Are there a fair share of young professional's in the area or would I be wasting my time moving there?

A lot will depend on where you live, where you work, how you present yourself, and your basic personality.There is far too much at stake when it comes to sharing your life with someone, to leave something as important as your safety to chance.We perform a thorough background screening including a criminal history check on every client.Well my main reason for moving is not the dating scene. You just have to deal with a lot of attitude in New England.I would be moving there with my current salary here.

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