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As a long time Fitbit user I’m always drawn back to my data in order to understand my own physical activity patterns.

Last year we showed you how to access your Fitbit data in a Google spreadsheet.

Besides just providing a few basic stats and linking to all their content, each model also has a Q&A and some have behind-the-scenes content and/or a montage trailer of their work.

In this video below I walk you through the steps necessary to setup your very own Fitbit data Google spreadsheet. Now that you’ve set it all up your Fitbit data will automatically be downloaded to that spreadsheet.

As you may know, there are a wide variety of charts and Google Gadgets that you can use to visualize that data.

The newest version no longer support the Script Gallery mentioned here.

We have included a link in the instruction steps below that allows you to use the old version of Google Spreadsheets.

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