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And they get to do most of the work for you as well, which is an added bonus!

|Don’t worry though, you can sign up yourself but if you choose to do it this way you will need to enter a friends name and email address for them to ‘recommend’ you.

I think the system works well, as this way you can then find out what the other users friends think of them, instead of just a normal profile written by them.

We all know it matters to us what our friends think of our chosen partner and this site enables you to get the real picture by the people that know them the best.

They have had regular rave reviews from companies like Radio 1 and various magazines including vogue and FHM, describing this site as the ‘hottest dating website in the UK’, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing the My Single Friend reviews this year The layout and design of the site is quite trendy in comparison with many other dating sites.

Simple but bold pink and blue colours define the page and are used to colour code the different sections for a smoother journey.

The rates are pretty much identical, with the exception of a few pence here and there.

TOP TIP: When you sign up, your payment will automatically be renewed when it ends.

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The most time consuming part was writing a short description about myself.Because of this, I recommend turning off automatic renewal as soon as you pay for a subscription by clicking on ‘My Profile & Settings’ then visiting the ‘Payments & Subscriptions’ page.If you forget to turn off automatic renewal straight away, you can cancel your account and stop any unwanted future payments within 24 hours of your subscription ending.With the clear and concise text and fun icons it makes the site reasonably easy to use.The main point of this dating site is basically to let your friends get involved in your dating journey and kind of recommend you to other single people, so if you have a friend that you think deserves more than sitting at home alone every night then what a perfect way to show them that, than to help them find them that special person to spend their life with.

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