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They first caught major attention through a series of popular song covers. All that stuff.: I would say most people that can play guitar can play bass, ukulele, it’s just a matter of learning chords.Putting their own unique and musically-layered spin on cult favorites such as Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know ” and Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”, they also know how to revamp older classics like “From Me To You” by the Beatles and “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds and Pete Seeger. I am not a master at any of them, you know [laughs]. For a long time I wanted to pick up an instrument, [learn] sounds that people will want to listen to.The two lead singles, “Rule the World” and “Sing It All Away,” were released in March and April 2015 respectively, and have an upbeat, anthemic pop sound similar to that of the band’s first album. The band supported the album with a 15-city US tour in 2015 followed by a cross-Canada tour and a 15-city European tour in 2016.The videos uploaded to WOTE’s You Tube channel have earned more than two million subscribers and almost a half-billion cumulative views.As the music is a lot of sing along chants, so there is the involvement.

We knock them off their seats.: We’re all different.There is this song, “Hold On,” that just has some great background to it.I don't want to give away too much, I want people to create their own meaning for it.We reached a point where we didn't want to drive around in a white crappy van anymore and drive across Canada, so we needed to find a way to reach an audience. we could put up a couple of videos and Sarah had a solo project and Gianni was producing Sara's solo project, as she was just in the studio all the time and she just started doing videos with us. Every part of our team is family, and we have tried to only let people into that circle who want to be a part of the family. I’m not so much on Facebook anymore, but that’s the great thing about having so many in the band. What's cool though as at one time song writing was just a hobby, but now I get to call it work (paused) which is just an incredible feeling.Then we met Taylor through some family friends, and Joel came along so there was just this kind of point where Sarah was busy still with her projects, but Walk Off was becoming busier and we were doing so many videos... I couldn’t give you a date or a reason, it just kind of happened. That is where the name of the band came from, as in music that would let you walk off... The positive and happy, that is what gets us through anything. RM: Well, I think for us as the band we had the time to put into this album.

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