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The first product Rigatuso sold—through corporations known variously as San, Inc., Mid-Atlantic Distributing Company, and J KJ Enterprises—was a musical watch that played the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” Czernikowski recalls.According to postal service records, complaints about JKJ Enterprises first reached post offices in 1981.Even if Santo Victor Rigatuso hadn’t been Irwin’s first client in October 1988, Irwin says he would have no trouble remembering him.“I’ll never forget him sitting in my library,” Irwin says. He was wearing a floppy, cowboy-type hat pulled down over curly black hair and sunglasses.

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The aliases, Addison contends, were a way for Rigatuso “to stay one step ahead of the authorities.” Roger Wolf, a special prosecutor for the Maryland Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division (CPD), adds that Rigatuso had a way of fending off consumer complaints.“The deal was you’d get a man’s watch and a woman’s watch for .95,” Czernikowski says.“The man’s watch would play [the song], but the woman’s wouldn’t [by design].” Czernikowski would book ad time through TV stations nationwide, he says.By 1984 Rigatuso had become a regular subject of consumer-beware pieces on local TV newsshows.But despite all the attention Rigatuso’s schemes grew more grandiose.

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