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Except no one is going anywhere, but, yes, everyone is very furious.

The distance between you and your lover not only severely limits your dating pool to the people around you, but traveling back and forth is exhausting enough to call it quits.

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Hmm, that’s silly — why on Earth would you guys want to do that? Dating crosstown is tough, but dating across cities is a whole ‘nother beast.

Perhaps it’s time to be more optimistic about the men in San Francisco. let’s not let the bad seeds give the good ones a bad rep anymore. Many men in SF think that overall, the women in this city are of men who’d be happy to slow down with the right woman. Men who are also starting to get tired of the dating scene. I’m talking men of character who, at work or in their craft, are definitely successful but don’t let it get to their head.

Another attractive thing about the good men in SF– so many of them are truly down to earth.

Men don’t want to settle down.” “It’s too hard finding a guy who hasn’t dated at least one of my friends.” “No one really ‘dates’ here.

It takes away from the fun of it all (being a sexy single woman! not to mention those kind of thoughts do absolutely positive for us.

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